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Infrared Roof Scans

Infrared roof scans are one of several non-destructive techniques utilized to detect presence of moisture in low slope roofs. Infrared equipment identifies temperature differences which are not visible to the naked eye. These temperature differences allow a specialist to see where moisture exists.

Of course, just owning an infrared camera does not make one an infrared roof scan specialist. Our team is comprised of experts in building envelopes and exteriors, and have a comprehensive knowledge of roofing and wall systems. We are able to identify and observe anomalies systems and differentiate any moisture or thermal bridging from building component or roof assembly materials that often lead to misinterpretations.

As an added value, our team does not solely rely on the readings of an infrared camera. As part of our standard practice, when performing infrared roof surveys we will use an electro capacitance device to help confirm the suspect moisture presence. Testing can be performed in accordance to ASTM C1153-10 standards.


infrared roof scan
A MTNVIEW infrared roof scan on single ply membrane roof system. This infrared shows wet insulation – likely caused by failure in membrane joints
infrared roof scan
A MTNVIEW performed infrared roof scan of Built-Up gravel surfaced roof system. Infrared image highlights wet insulation.
infrared roof scan
A MTNVIEW performed infrared roof scan on multiple ply Built-Up roof with gravel surfacing. This black and white image shows area of wet insulation within roof system. Moisture probes confirmed the accuracy of these infrared findings.
infrared roof scan
Infrared image identifying wet roof insulation (likely due to penetration flashing failure) on singly ply EPDM roof system. MTNVIEW performed the infrared survey and identified wet areas. All areas were clearly marked and a report was issued.
Visual light image of above infrared image with wet insulation areas clearly marked on roof. Test cuts in this area identified 100% accuracy of infrared readings.
infrared roof scan
A MTNVIEW performed infrared roof scan of an aluminum coated bituminous roof system. Image indicates a failed repair where wet insulation was identified and later confirmed.
Visual light image of above infrared image.